MH-47 Spinny Boy Sticker

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• 3” x 2”

• Vinyl

• Die Cut 

• Waterproof


The MH-47 Chinook and its “E,” “D” and “G” variants are the primary heavy lift transport helicopters for the U.S. Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The MH-47 differs from its CH-47 sister model with its incorporation of combat systems designed to make the helicopter more survivable on missions deep in enemy territory and during nighttime, low-level flight.


Just Crew It Co was created as a space where CH-47 Aircrew could gather and share in each other’s memories, stories and experiences. Surprisingly, we have come to understand that Aviation is a big genre, and although we hold the Chinook nearest and dearest to our hearts, we also welcome Aviation professionals and enthusiasts from all walks of life.